In Other Words – Lesbians in the News

The achievements of lesbians do get reported in the news. They aren’t always labeled as or celebrated as lesbians, which is a pity, since I believe it’s credible to assume that our successes, when made public, help break down public stereotypes about lesbians.

I found two recent articles about lesbians doing great things but not actually labelled as lesbians. At ‘post time’ I wasn’t able to reach the second woman (who got Vancouver Sun coverage) to get her permission to ‘out’ her as a lesbian (if that’s how she identifies) here. I encourage you to add links in the comments to recent news stories featuring lesbians (labelled or not). Please be conscious of avoiding ‘outing’ someone against her will.

Here’s a story in Xtra west about the Quirk-E queer seniors writing and media group, co-led by Claire Robson, an occasional contributor to LQ.

Speaking with Claire recently, she noted that she was “the only woman recipient of the Xtra west heros award this year”. She won the award for Writer of the Year for her work with Quirk-e.