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What are your favourite women (and lesbian) owned businesses in or near Vancouver?

What are your favourite women (and lesbian) owned businesses in or near Vancouver?

A Statistics Canada study released in March of this year found that women in Canada still earn only 87 cents for every dollar a man earns. The way I see it, women are my team, and that it’s a good thing to support one another. […]

Vancouver – Country Dancing Thursday Nights

Vancouver – Country Dancing Thursday Nights

I’ve been going for several years to Timberline Dance – it’s two step and line dancing attended by mostly gay men, and some lesbian and straight women. Super friendly, like a country dance in a small gay town. Marek and his partner Todd do the […]

Up to Date Lesbian Agenda for BC

Up to Date Lesbian Agenda for BC

Long time readers will recall the print and later the web versions of the Lesbian Agenda. This resource took a lot of work to keep comprehensive and up to date and I’m so glad to have found a resource with all the information lesbians need to find fun events without having to create it myself anymore.

Jude Goodwin of Goodwin Publishing and Design has a wonderful and comprehensive calendar of queer events in British Columbia, which allows you to sort out the events of interest to women by clicking on ‘babes’ in the category drop-down filter. You can also filter it by the region of BC you are in. I’ve framed it below for you to check out or you can visit What’s on Queer BC

Timberline Dance

Timberline Dance

Same sex country and line dancing on Thursday nights at St Paul’s Anglican Church hall in Vancouver. 

Become a lesbian novelist

I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year and invite you to join me. Participants write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November, with support from the NaNoWriMo organization. Check it out at You can follow my progress (or lack thereof) and be one of my ‘writing buddies’ and compete against me by visiting my profile at:

You can do it! The world needs more lesbian novelists, don’t you think? Click on the link above to see the whole post.

Let’s Marae!

by Mary Meriam

My nearest, my queerest,
my conjugal dearest,
my closest, my mostest,
what shall I call you?

My lavender gayspeak,
queerspeak and queenspeak,
lost lambda pipsqueak,
your name preference, please?

My love, my dove,
my heaven above,
my who I want more of,
what, what, what?

Mon amour, mi amigo,
spouse in my house,
muse who I choose,
q’est-ce que c’est le bon mot?

My Rae of hope,
my missing mishpochah,
my saving grace,
a bissel hint-hint?

Significant other,
this one, not another,
my own homo lover,
onomastically who?

Woman plus woman,
man plus man,
an accepted plan,
I pronounce you, nu?
Will you marae me?
Darling, what did you say?
The word is marae.
Will you be my rae?

rae [RAY] -noun – the affectionate, legal, and religious term
for the spouse or partner of a gay or lesbian person.

marae [ma-RAY] -verb – to join as spouses or to take as a spouse,
in the marriage of a gay or lesbian person.

The neologisms rae and marae are derived from
“My Rae,” the name Lillian Faderman gave to her
courageous and devoted aunt. As a new term for
gay and lesbian partners, “my rae” honors Lillian
Faderman’s tremendous courage and devotion to
gays and lesbians. “Marae” means “sacred place”
in Polynesia. At the marae, culture is celebrated,
customs are explored and debated, and weddings
and birthdays are held.

(first published in Chiron Review, Winter, 2008)

NaNoWriMo Winner

Some of you may have read the post I made during November when I was in the middle of writing a 50,000 word novel.. I completed that task, with a day to spare, which qualified me as a National Novel Writing Month winner. The […]

Surrey – Women’s New Years Eve Party – Dreamweaver

Announcement from Dreamweaver Productions: Women’s New Years Eve Party The Blue Corvette Lounge 10662 King George Highway, Surrey (right beside the Sahara Lounge) Join us for the New Year’s Eve Countdown Thursday, December 31st Celebrate With Old Friends and New $20 Includes Champagne Toast and […]

Lesbian Poetry – Eons Ago

This poem was submitted by Cherilyn Fry. Copyright Cherilyn Fry, Nov 1 2009

Eons Ago

a past where womyn lived as the female head of tribal lineage
welding marked ability to act with strength, to uphold justice, and
were given to the healing arts of Gaia and those creatures dwelling
within her most loving arms
while vast prisms graced the skies
and crystals, like tiny shards of ice, danced so very gaily
off molten waves of other worlds unknown
eons ago
womyn met in what was known as a circle of life
with the centre being their perpetual and sacred universe- cone of
their north came the earth energy and
and to the west came the energy of water
and to the south came the fire energy
and to the east came the air energy
and throughout the meeting
they held hands and danced with unbridled joy of simply living and
at one with Mother Gaia and her children….at one with each sparking

NaNoWriMo – National (lesbian) Novel Writing Month

Latest word count: 7177  (41,833 words to go…) I’m writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month. I’ve decided to do it here, and will be adding to this post throughout the month. The task is to write 50,000 words between November 1-30th. We’re not […]