LQ14 June 2007

Businesses who support LQ

This page lists current and past advertizers in LQ. For more information on how your business can support Lesbian Quarterly, please see our advertisers page or click on the above link.

Summer 2007 Issue

This quarter we’re talking about favourite lesbian owned and women-owned businesses in BC. Also see our usual features the Lesbian Agenda, and Ongoing Lesbian Events. I’ve also catalogued all the lesbian-owned and women-owned businesses mentioned on the site, and you can see all of them by clicking […]

In Other Words – Lesbians in the News

The achievements of lesbians do get reported in the news. They aren’t always labeled as or celebrated as lesbians, which is a pity, since I believe it’s credible to assume that our successes, when made public, help break down public stereotypes about lesbians. I found two recent […]

Sisters in Synch Lesbian Dragonboat Team

Sisters in Sync is a new novice women’s dragon boat team that paddles out of Dragon Zone on False Creek in Vancouver. This team is an out, loud and proud lesbian team made up of both experienced and new paddlers.

Favourite Women-Owned Businesses

I was sitting in one of my favourite restaurants, a little diner within walking distance of my house called Docker’s Diner. Joanne Agreometros, the owner, came by as usual to chat with my wife Jeanette and I and we got talking about how she started the […]