LQ17 March 2008

True Colours Tour with Cyndi Lauper Promotes LGTB Human Rights

After winning a Grammy Award in 1985 for best new artist and becoming the first artist in history to have five top ten singles from a debut album, Cyndi Lauper continues to win critical acclaim as a singer, musician, actor and writer. Cyndi has released […]

The Original Meaning of Mother’s Day

While I think my own mother likes Mother’s Day as it is, it is interesting that the early mothers’ days were more about mothers as activists rather than individuals.   While various holidays celebrating mothers have occurred through history, Mother’s Day as it is celebrated in […]

Vancouver – Getting the Love You Want Weekend for LGBT Couples

For those looking for a spring tune-up for their relationship, I guess…. [editor] Getting The Love You Want A weekend workshop for LGBT couples Vancouver, BC June 6-8 2008 The Facilitators Maureen and Tamara have been friends and colleagues for more than 20 years. Between […]

Lesbian Politicians

Canada: Ellen Woodsworth – Municipal, Vancouver City Council www.ellenwoodsworth.com Libby Davies – Federal Member of Parliament www.libbydavies.ca  Japan: Kanako Otsuji – Elected Osaka Assembly member, National Diet candidate. http://gayjapannews.com/news_english/news3.htm US: Barbara Jordan: Texas Senator. First African American to preside over a legislative body in the United […]

Letter to the Editor – Help prevent anti-gay religious group from blocking teaching of tolerance in schools

Letter to LQ’s Editor from Corea Ladner: Hello: Perhaps you are already aware that an education guide that encourages tolerance for gay/lesbian/transgendered diversity in the schools is being compaigned against being available in BC schools. The article states that ‘This week the Catholic Civil Rights […]

Xtra West Stories with the word ‘lesbian’, ‘woman’ or ‘dyke’ in them this week.

Xtra west is a good newspaper. Robin Perelle, editor of Xtra west and a lesbian herself, does her best, I know, but has to conform to some advertizing realities by publishing mostly content about the guys. However, if you’re like me, if and when you […]

Why young queer women artists are passing for straight

This weeks’ Xtra west did an excellent cover story about queer women in music, and why so many of them aren’t publicly self identifying as queer or lesbian or putting queer/lesbian content in their music. Young lesbian and queer women artists are quoted as saying they […]

Lesbian Travel Information

The information on this page is provided by Montreal-based Girlports Lesbian Travel Guide. According to Girlports: Girlports was launched by Tanya Churchmuch, a longtime broadcast and print journalist and public relations veteran, as a result of her own frustration with the lack of resources available […]

Lesbian Band wins WAMA Award for Best Duo/Group in the Hard Rock category

Okay, they’re not local gals, but good on them for winning this mainstream music award. Congratulations Wicked Jezabel. Recent email to LQ:  I am a member of Wicked Jezabel, the Baltimore-DC area’s only all-female, all-gay party band. I would like to announce that on Feb 17, […]

“Lately Musings” – Cherilyn Fry

Out of the closet And into the fire Hotter than hell the flames lick my face As my lover Cools my heels Out of the closet And into the sidewalk Walking as a female looking kind of like a guy And for once I am […]