LQ18 June 2008

Lesbian Couple Marry in Bountiful – Both brides are Winston Blackmore ex-wives

Well how’s that for bucking the patriarchy in it’s own backyard. Two women who were forced by their families to be ‘celestially married’ to Bountiful polygamist community leader Winston Blackmore, have chosen to legally marry one another. The Vancouver Sun reported in June of last […]

(Bio) Diesel Dykes

This week, the wife and I upgraded from our 50% biodiesel blend to 100%. Our car is now 100% carbon neutral. We bought an old (1983) Mercedes diesel a year ago, specifically to run it on biodiesel. A lot of people aren’t aware about biodiesel. […]

Rhizome Cafe July Events and 2 year Anniversary

LQ readers will be familiar with the Rhizome Cafe, owned by lesbian couple Lisa Moore and Vinetta Lenavat, who were profiled a year ago coinciding with their remarkable cafe’s one year anniversary.  Since the cafe has lots of community events and activities, I’m including their monthly […]

Local Lesbian Duo Writes Pride Song for Vancouver and 7 other Cities

[Editor Note: I received this email from Marlee and Tully of Sugarbeach, who have some great news to announce. Congratulations! – Editor] Hey Sophia! Hope you gals are doing well! We thought we’d send you this as it might interesting to you. We have just […]

Tech Corner – Web Marketing Tips: What is RSS Syndication?

One of the newer technologies in the area of web publishing is the use of RSS or ‘Really Simple Syndication”.  An RSS ‘feed’ is like a mini database stored on your site, that provides a list of what information is on your site in a […]