LQ13 March 2007

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Three Year Anniversary Issue

Welcome to Lesbian Quarterly’s rebirth online in our third year. In this issue: Challenges Together: Rhizome Cafe Catherine McNeill (poetry) – let us give thanks Lisa (Annuska) van der Pol (business update)- Boogy Woogy in Victoria Sophia Kelly – (poetry) You touch Ongoing Lesbian Events The Lesbian Agenda […]

Challenges Together – Vinetta Lenavat and Lisa Moore of Rhizome Cafe

It’s Tuesday night and the Rhizome Cafe at 317 E Broadway near Main is bustling with activity. The glassed-in meeting room has a group of people clustered around a table, meeting. Lisa Moore is in the kitchen preparing food, while Vinetta Lenavat greets their guests.  […]

let us give thanks

Written by Catherine McNeil her again. i return to her as if for the first time. not seeing clearly. the sun shines while the rain falls. she was born protected under a purple marten’s wing. the day lightening struck the water tower   the townspeople […]

Boogy Woogy in Victoria

Lisa Annuska van der Pol’s art-renting business in Victoria, BC

You touch

You You touch You touch me You touch my heart You touch my heart and I You touch my heart, and I Am You touch my heart, and I am Found You touch my heart and I am found Wanting You touch my heart and […]