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The following pdf files are the e-versions of Lesbian Quarterly, from before it became web based. It was distributed in print in black and white in Vancouver and as a colour pdf via email to subscribers  for the first few years.  The email version is identical in format  except for the colour, and the fact that the print version was printed landscape, doublesided on ledger-sized paper, folded and usually stapled at the spine.

The print copy was supported by advertizers and was distributed at Vancouver area queer locations, and at women’s dances in the Fraser Valley, Vancouver and Kelowna.  The stacks of papers left at coed queer settings such as the Centre and Little Sisters were vandalized on at least two occasions in these locations (ostensibly by persons who were anti-lesbian or mysogynist, rather than anti-queer, as neighbouring queer publications were untouched) by being reversed so that the title was not visible or hidden under stacks of papers.  Papers in the one straight location it was distributed in, CCEC credit union, were unaffected.

The print version was discontinued as of LQ 13 for reasons discussed in that issue.

  • LQ1 March 2004 – This was the first version, created as an ad-circular for the GLBA women’s breakfast group for international women’s day
  • LQ 2 June 2004 – This is the first edition in the new format
  • LQ 3 Sept 2004
  • LQ 4 E-Version December 2004 |  LQ 4 Print Version December 2004
  • LQ 5 E-Version March 2005 | LQ 5 March 2005 Print Version
  • LQ 6 E-Version June 2005
  • LQ 7 E-Version September 2005
  • LQ 8 E-Version December 2005 |  LQ 8 Print Version December 2005
  • LQ 9 E-Version March 2006
  • LQ 10 E-Version June 2006
  • LQ 11 E-Version September 2006
  • LQ 12 E-Version December 2006