Boogy Woogy in Victoria

Lisa Annuska van der Pol, who LQ readers might remember from an article she wrote Victoria Boogie Woogie Paintingabout Van Dusen gardens last year (and a women’s movie group she organized) is on the move again. Now living in Victoria, she has started a business renting Dutch modern artwork late last year.

van der Pol named her business Victoria Boogie Woogie Art Rent Inc. The name derives from a famous painting by Dutch modern art painter Piet Mondriaan. According to Lisa Annuska, the painting “Victory Boogy Woogy” was inspired by the boogie-woogie rhythm and the big-city hustle and bustle in the streets of New York in the latter days of World War 2.

Coming from a background working in museums in Holland, helping businesses connect with Dutch art seems a natural project for Annuska. Good luck! 

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