let us give thanks

Ki Living ArtWritten by Catherine McNeil

her again. i return to her as if for the first time. not seeing clearly.
the sun shines while the rain falls. she was born protected under a
purple marten’s wing. the day lightening struck the water tower

the townspeople received running water in their homes, the okanogan
cherry happy sultry summer people cheered on horseback. goodness
would surely follow her all of her days. when she passes “oo la la!”

metallic starbodies bump into the moon. she can see into your head.
she gets along with her mother. let us give thanks. in the dream, she
has left her husband. you parent her girls.

for crying in the cock-eyed sink, she is just a dream. you have loved
her far too long. now the earth opens up. you feel your foot falling in
kiss her sweet life goodbye