Woman Shaman – feminist history talk

Sounds & Furies presents…
Visual Presentation and Talk  presented by Feminist Historian and Researcher Max Dashu (female) of the Suppressed Histories Archives
Saturday May 12,   7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Alliance for Arts & Culture Board Room
938 Howe St,  Vancouver (btw. Smythe & Nelson)
Tickets:  $14-20  Sliding Scale, Little Sisters 1238 Davie and Urban Empire 1108 Commercial Drive
Advance tickets recommended due to limited seating.
(There will be a social break midpoint in the evening for socializing, snacks, wine bar.  Max will have  prints and other art available for sale)
More information can be found at : www.suppressedhistories.net/  or www. maxdashu.net
Woman Shaman
Woman is by nature a shaman, says a Chukchee proverb from Siberia, and many traditions say that the first shaman was female. Max presents what is probably the most comprehensive visual record of female shamanic traditions worldwide, from ancient times to the present: women as invokers, drummers, and dreamers, oracles and diviners, ecstatic dancers, shapeshifters, and spirit-riders. This is a chance to taste primordial wisdom and to water your visionary dreamscape with long-obscured riches.
Independent scholar Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970. Since then, she has photographed over 14,000 slides and created 90 slide shows on international women’s history, including Women’s Power, Patriarchies, Female Rebels and Mavericks, Taming the Female Body, and Racism: History and Lies. She has presented hundreds of slide talks at universities, community centers, bookstores, schools, libraries, prisons, galleries, festivals and conferences around North America.
Dashu has guest-taught classes at John F. Kennedy University (Orinda, CA), California Institute of Integral Studies and New College (San Francisco), among others. She has acted as historical consultant for a variety of projects, including Donna Deitch’s film, Woman to Woman (1973-4) and the San Francisco Women’s Building mural project (1994).She has done extensive interdisciplinary research on the European witch hunts and folk traditions about witches. See the Articles page on her website for excerpts from her forthcoming book Secret History of the Witches.
A Partial List of Suppressed  Histories Topics:
Mother-Right and Gender Justice
Female Shamans as Indigenous Liberators
 Women’s Power
 Female Rebels and Mavericks,
 The Canaanite and Hebrew Goddess
 Taming the Female Body
 Icons of the Matrix
 Goddess Cosmologies
 The Goddess Veiled
 Women Elders
 Witches and Pagans
 Racism, History and Lies
 Women’s Rites and Symbols,
 Drummers: The Women,The Fates
 Indian Women Artists
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Thursday June 28
JENNIFER BEREZAN (California) in concert
Place/Tickets TBA
If you don’t know Jennifer Berezan’s work, learn more about this gifted performing artist, who is originally from Canada. Her  diverse collection of musical offerings, from contemporary singer songwriting to folk/rock and beautiful original healing and meditation music can be found on her website at http://www.edgeofwonder.com/
Jennifer conducts women’s tours to ancient sites where some of her recordings have taken place.