Month: May 2007

BOLD: Bold, Old(er) Lesbians & Dykes 3rd Annual Westcoast Conference

3rd Annual Westcoast Gathering and Conference of Lesbians 50 Years & Older.

The Pipettes

FRIDAY JUNE 15 THE PIPETTES with special guests … SMOOSH & MONSTER BOBBY THE PLAZA CLUB … 881 Granville St. Doors: 7pm  Show: 7:30pm tix: $14.50 (INCL. GST) + s/c Tickets available at all Ticketmaster outlets Charge By Phone 604-280-4444 Order on-line at or […]

Po’Girl with guest Leela Gilday

with special guest … LEELA GILDAY
The Red Room … 398 Richards St.
doors: 8pm  show: 9pm
tix: $15 advance @
Little Sisters … 1238 Davie St. … 604 669 1753
Kokopelli’s 2052 … Commercial Dr. … 604 253 6950
Highlife Records … 1317 Commercial Dr. … 604 251 6964
$20 @ door
A sold-out crowd waits in semi-darkness. Outside, a van pulls up and five beautiful rag-tag misfits carrying all manner of instruments saunter through the back door. They head unapologetically, past the frantic promoter, and onto the stage.

Po’Girl starts the show. In typical Po’Girl fashion. On time…and at the last minute.

Po’Girl is made up of Allie, Awna, Trish, John and Diona. Their strength is in the power of gentle. This is very compelling.

Po’Girl started innocently enough back in 2002 when Allie and Trish, then flophouse room-mates in East Vancouver, formed a duo. Their sole intent: singing ‘creaky old jazz songs’.

Two years later, the duo found they had become, among other things, a five piece band of multi-instrumentalists. Signed to Nettwerk Records (their first album Vagabond Lullabies came out in 2004), these folk festival darlings soon were headlining venues of enviable size and sharing stages with the likes of David Byrne, Richie Havens, Ani DiFranco, Michael Franti, Utah Philips and Penny Lang.

Home to You, Po’Girl’s new record has captured the breezy, summer night feeling that their live show evokes. And thematically, it seems that the last two years of solid touring have had an effect. Most of the new material is about travel, longing and the notion of ‘home’. All self-confessed former ‘teen-age runaways’, it appears that Po’ Girl has found their new ‘home’- together, driving down a winding road in Shaggy the Love Van. The songs have become gorgeous documentations of this feeling.

Truly a collective effort, Home to You features songs written and delivered by each band member. Po’ Girl boasts no official ‘front man’. Everyone gets a turn. And as the band expands in size, (Diona joined in ’03, Awna in ’05 and studio engineer John became the official tour drummer in ’04) it does the same in proficiency. The result is that many more musical styles weave their way into this fellowship known as Po’ Girl.

Po’ Girl finds devout fans wherever they go. And the word is spreading. Anyone who is attracted to the age-old universal story of a ‘rag-tag down-on-their-luck group of misfits who bands together to take over the world’ will surely find a home here. And who doesn’t like that story?
Born and raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Leela has come to appreciate the heartbeat of life, and how it resonates through our experiences. Her songwriting reflects all those things. “I love to sing- I feel like the voice is a human birthright and it should be used often-I think people respond to my voice the way they respond to any instrument- with powerful feelings.” Leela has a lot of family and friend-style support and has won a remarkable number of awards for an independent Dene artist from the north.
Leela recently released her second full-length album, “SEDZE”  and It’s no surprise to her loyal fans and friends, “SEDZE” won the 2007 JUNO  for Aboriginal Recording of the Year. Contgratulations LEELA!
What Leela had to say …
Holy smokes.
I won the Juno for Aboriginal Recording of the Year. It’s weird to think about winning something in this way- all the other nominees in the category (Northern Cree, Digging Roots, Susan Aglukark, and Jason Burnstick) are super musicians and super people. So in a way, we’re all winners. After thanking my folks and my friends, and Teppei and the Canada Council, I accepted the award on all of our behalf, practically bawling my eyes out. I know- *puke* – how cheesy.

The thing is, I meant it. From the bottom of my shocked and overwhelmed heart.

Respect & Love

Research Study looking for L&G Professionals

Dear the Editor, My name is Raymond Trau from the Department of Management at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  A global survey is being undertaken to assess the factors that affect the career experiences of lesbian and gay professionals. The findings of this research will contribute […]

Summer 2007 Issue

This quarter we’re talking about favourite lesbian owned and women-owned businesses in BC. Also see our usual features the Lesbian Agenda, and Ongoing Lesbian Events. I’ve also catalogued all the lesbian-owned and women-owned businesses mentioned on the site, and you can see all of them by clicking […]

In Other Words – Lesbians in the News

The achievements of lesbians do get reported in the news. They aren’t always labeled as or celebrated as lesbians, which is a pity, since I believe it’s credible to assume that our successes, when made public, help break down public stereotypes about lesbians.

I found two recent articles about lesbians doing great things but not actually labelled as lesbians. At ‘post time’ I wasn’t able to reach the second woman (who got Vancouver Sun coverage) to get her permission to ‘out’ her as a lesbian (if that’s how she identifies) here. I encourage you to add links in the comments to recent news stories featuring lesbians (labelled or not). Please be conscious of avoiding ‘outing’ someone against her will.

Here’s a story in Xtra west about the Quirk-E queer seniors writing and media group, co-led by Claire Robson, an occasional contributor to LQ.

Speaking with Claire recently, she noted that she was “the only woman recipient of the Xtra west heros award this year”. She won the award for Writer of the Year for her work with Quirk-e.

Quirk-e Art Exhibition

Mon Jun 4 Digitalized and textual art work of queer elders running until Jun 8. Quirk-e special presentation, 11:30 am on Jun 7, includes $5 lunch/complimentary for AHS participants and guest. Roundhouse Centre 181 Roundhouse Mews (corner of Davie St and Pacific Blvd). Confirm lunch […]

Sisters in Synch Lesbian Dragonboat Team

Sisters in Sync is a new novice women’s dragon boat team that paddles out of Dragon Zone on False Creek in Vancouver. This team is an out, loud and proud lesbian team made up of both experienced and new paddlers.

Dreamweaver Pride Dance (Rowing Club)

Dreamweaver presents our 7th Annual Women’s Pride Celebration.

Sunday August 5th, 2007


Dance the night away with DJ Susan Y at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park.

The balcony provides the most spectacular views in Vancouver, just minutes from downtown.

Every year this event has sold out, so don’t wait too long to get your tickets.

Tickets are available at Little Sisters for $25 or send a cheque or money order to:

Diane Driver
#53 – 20176 – 68 Ave
Langley, BC  V2Y 2X7

Cheques must be received before July 27th. Send your email address so we can let you know that we have received your cheque. We will hold tickets for you at the door.

For more information, email Susan at

Women’s Dance in Aldergrove

Thanks to all who joined us for a fabulous dance on Saturday and thank you for your generous support of the Fraser Valley Youth Society. We have just one more dance in Aldergrove before taking a summer break. Come join us on June 23 at […]