Sisters in Synch Lesbian Dragonboat Team

Sisters in Synch Team Picture

-by Jennifer Breakspear

Sisters in Sync is a new novice women’s dragon boat team that paddles out of Dragon Zone on False Creek in Vancouver. This team is an out, loud and proud lesbian team made up of both experienced and new paddlers.

The team was borne of musings between a few lesbian paddlers last summer in between races. A few of us, who at the time paddled in mixed teams, would talk about how wonderful it would be if there were an out lesbian team to join. After musing about this for half the summer we decided to stop looking and just start one ourselves.

We put together a flyer introducing dragon boating and talking about our vision for a lesbian team and distributed it at Pride events in the Lower Mainland. We also posted info about the team online on a local lesbian chat site, Superdyke.

In August and early September we held information sessions and over 30 women came out to hear about our vision for this team. From these sessions we got enough interested women to put together a team to paddle in the charity event, Paddle for Kids in September.

We had a blast together both on and off the water and from that day on the women were hooked. We arranged for semi-regular practice times at Dagon Zone and throughout the fall we could be found out on False Creek learning how to dragon boat together.

We now practice out of Dragon Zone twice a week with two wonderful coaches and 26 committed paddlers. This team celebrates the diversity that is our community with paddlers of a broad age range (from 29 to 69 years old), from many different backgrounds, and abilities.

Dragon boating has given us the opportunity to combine our various strengths and skills to build something truly powerful. In this, our first full race season, we are entered in four regattas and two festivals. In our first regatta we placed third in the women’s division. With each race we paddle we improve our time, realize what we need to work on and, most importantly, have a ton of fun on the water with a boat full of dykes.

Paddles up!

If you are interested in any further information on this exciting new team please contact our team captain, Jennifer Breakspear at 778.991.3276 or

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