Not So Strictly Ballroom Pride Dance

NSSB is having a Pride Dance on Saturday August 4, at Let’s Dance Studio, the night before  Pride Parade.  A first for NSSB! Tickets will be on sale at Little sisters shortly, $8 – $12 sliding scale, as usual.   Save this date!

Not So Strictly Ballroom’s Pride Dance – Saturday August 4
Dance with Pride – the night before the Parade – at NSSB’s Pride Dance
Let’s Dance Studio, 927 Granville St., 2nd Floor
Tickets $8 – $12 sliding scale at Little Sisters (also available from Gay or Trevor) or reserve at
DJ/host: Murray Schellenberg
Dance to Swing, Salsa, Ballroom, Latin music. Bring along a friernd! Introduce them to the NSSB community.
Cash bar, snacks, mini dance lesson at 8:30 pm, show case dancing.
Save this date! Come out for a fun evening!!