Dance Workshops – Sundays Feb & March

NEW!!! SUNDAY Same Sex Dance Workshops,  FEBRUARY & MARCH, at the WISE Hall, 1882 Adanac
For Beginners* and Advanced Students**

More information at

$13:        one –   1 hour class
$24:        two –  1 hour classes
$33:        three – 1 hour classes
$44:        four –   1 hour classes
$55:        five – 1 hour classes

Pre-payment is preferred in order to determine # of students and financial feasibility of workshops.  To register and pay, choose one of the following:

  1. Pay at Saturday or Monday classes.
  2. Mail cheque to NSSB at POB 21510, 1424 Commercial Dr, Vancouver V5L 5G2

If prepayment isn’t possible, and you are ready to commit to the workshop, please reserve at .
February 10
1 – 2 pm – Beginners Social Fox Trot*
2 – 3 pm  – Advanced Cha Cha**
Instructor:  Michel Guimond
February 24
5 – 6 pm  Beginners American Waltz
6-7 pm     Advanced Jive**
Instructor:  Murray Schellenberg
March 2
6 – 7 pm  Beginners Salsa
7 – 8 pm  Advanced Quick Step**
Instructor:  Michel Guimond
March 16
1 – 2 pm  Beginners Night Club 2 Step
2 – 3 pm  Advanced Argentine Tango
Instructor:  Murray Schellenberg
March 30
3 – 4 pm  Advanced West Coast Swing**
4 – 5 pm  Advanced Night Club 2 Step**
Instructor:  Ian Kirkonnel
*Beginners:  New to dance/need to review in basics
**Advanced:  Have firm knowledge of basics, been dancing regularly and taking lessons for at least one year.  Talk to instructor if uncertain.  This class will help prepare those who want to enter the Vancouver Queer Dance Classic competition Fall 2008, but is open to anyone who is at this level of dance.


Tips for Dancers (thanks to Geraldine & Peter)

1. Don’t  procrastinate, enroll and come to every lesson. You can’t enjoy any activity unless you participate. People often procrastinate for years then,  once they’ve joined, say “I wish I started sooner!” Life has a way of keeping us very busy but everyone deserves enjoyment. Get out on the  dance floor and have fun. Make having fun a priority – it will help keep you young! Once you start, stick with it; you will soon see positive  results.

2. Buy dance  shoes. Get yourself a pair of soft  leather or suede soled shoes and you will get much more pleasure with your  dancing.

3. Leave your ego  at the door and be open to the  learning experience. Joining any group activity can be intimidating to the newcomer and some people can have unreasonable expectations for themselves, the lessons and others. What you can realistically expect is to be in a group  of people who, just like you, wish to enjoy themselves..and dance! You can  also expect to be on a learning curve and encounter some challenges and  successes along the way but, if you  make it a priority to relax and have fun first, then the rest will fall  into place.

4.  Patience,  Diplomacy and a genuine smile are great ways to deal with challenges that  occur during the lesson.

5. Practice as  much as you can. Practice will go a long way to forgetting steps from one class to another and will allow you to focus on the new material.   This makes it  easier to learn and the  lesson more fun —  and a happier you!!

6. Grooming.  Did you eat garlic at dinner? Check your breath and other parts of your body!! It’s embarrassing to talk about but important to be aware of when in close contact with others.

7. Forget the  fancy stuff… for now. Think  about foundation work such as balance, posture, musicality. When you get a  solid foundation the fancy moves will become easier and more enjoyable to  learn.


Monday evening & Saturday Morning Classes

We’re 1/2 way through our current classes. Drop-ins welcomed, particularly for those who need review on steps they learned awhile ago.

Monday eve, Let’s Dance Studio, 927 Granville, 2nd Floor
7 – 7:45            Night Club 2 Step, Intermediate
7:45 – 8:30       Intermediate Samba
8:30 – 9:15       Argentine Tango Beginners

Saturday mornings, Canadian Legion Hall, 6th & Commercial (upstairs)
10:30 – 11:15       Level 2 Slow Fox Trot
11:15 – noon        Beginners Slow Waltz
Noon – 12:45        Intro to Latin (3 weeks of Cha Cha completed; 3 weeks of Merengue start Feb 2)

Keep on Dancing!!

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