LQ Spring Edition

Vancouver plays this wonderful trick on Vancouverites every February. For a short while, it seems like spring is fully sprung and summer is a whisper away. The snow drops and crocuses pop up from the ground, and buds on trees start to swell. Alas, the only consistent Vancouver weather pattern I’ve been able to discern is this: As soon as the cherry blossoms have finished fallling into nice big petal drifts on the streets, so big you want to pile them up and leap into them, we’re in for at several weeks of non-stop torrential rains.

Now, I’m originally from northern BC, so I apologize for the Vancouver-centrism of talking about cherry blossoms so early in the year, not to mention the fact that they don’t have much to do with lesbians. Gloating about the warm weather down here is mean, I know, so go ahead get even and gloat about your cheap housing.

This edition of LQ is our 17th, and since the first edition of Lesbian Quarterly came out March 8th, 2004, it is LQ’s 4th birthday. The early editions were printed, which got to be too much work for one lone gal, so we went online only about a year ago. The print format archives are available here as pdf documents and still have a lot of good information and profiles in them.

A few days ago I recieved a poetry submission from Cherilyn Fry called “Lately Musings” . I love it when lesbians send me stories and story ideas. Keep them coming! And while you’re at it, how about a flurry of lesbian haikus? If the cherry blossom festival can do it, why can’t we?

I’ve begun posting articles as I come across them, so this edition is a little slim, but I encourage you to check out the following recent posts from the last few days:

L-Word Newsfeed for the L-Word fans out there (I personally stopped watching after Shane left Carmen at the altar…), this is a news-feed from the producers of the series, with interviews with the actors and other tidbits.

Leaping Thesbians – 8×10 Glossy at the Havana – This play by the leaping thesbian theatre company (by lesbians, about lesbians) will be showing on the east side beginning of April. Many thanks to Taylor Stutchbury, one of the thesbians, for sending in this information. I hope LQ readers will support this production and check out their site at: http://www.leapingthespians.ca/ April 16th will be a benefit for the Vancouver Dyke March and April 15th will be interpreted for the deaf.

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