Xtra Stories with the word ‘lesbian’, ‘woman’ or ‘dyke’ in them this week.

where are my lesbians gifOriginal 2008 post:

Xtra west is a good newspaper. Robin Perelle, editor of Xtra west and a lesbian herself, does her best, I know, but has to conform to some advertizing realities by publishing mostly content about the guys. However, if you’re like me, if and when you read Xtra west, you mostly scan it for the lesbian content – the Dykes to watch out for cartoon, stories about women, etc… and go blind to all the naked guys (yawn…).

Well, here I’ve done that filtering for you. The list below is derived from a RSS feed provided by the Xtra website, which shows you only stories that have the word ‘she’, lesbian, woman or women in them. Xtra west is responsible for the content below, not Lesbian Quarterly. (PS, if the space below is blank this week, it means there weren’t any ‘qualified’ stories in their feed. )

To read the Dykes to Watch Out For, I suggest going directly to Allison Bechdel’s site.

Update 2020:

The RSS feed no longer works, but here is a google advanced search to show you what content on the Xtra magazine site includes the words woman, women, lesbian, or the pronoun she. Last I checked (Dec 15 2020), the most recent was from 2019. Kind of sad, really.