Letter to the Editor – Help prevent anti-gay religious group from blocking teaching of tolerance in schools

Wonder Woman comic was originally created by a male psychologist to provide a positive role model for girls, click here to read more.Letter to LQ’s Editor from Corea Ladner:


Perhaps you are already aware that an education guide that encourages tolerance for gay/lesbian/transgendered diversity in the schools is being compaigned against being available in BC schools.

The article states that ‘This week the Catholic Civil Rights League, a lay group, urged parents to protest against the guide over its inclusion of gay issues including same-sex marriage.’

Please see the following link for the full article. http://www.365gay.com/Newscon08/03/032608school.htm

I would suggest that, since the CCRL is working to kill the guide, It would be helpful for us to send an email to the Education Minister to ensure the guide is used. Perhaps you could distribute this information if you have an elist and/or like minded friends and encourage everyone to send an email.

I’ve included below the email letter that I sent to Shirley if you would simply like to forward it with your own name.
Ms. Bond’s email address and website are as follows. Thank you for yor help.



Dear Shirley Bond,

Public schools must be inclusive of all minorities. Gay and lesbian people make up 10 % of the population, including school children. Particularly in high school, gays. lesbians, bisexuals, and trnasgendered teens feel as if the whole system is created by and for people unlike them. Moreover, they are likely to suffer violence simply because they are gay – or are perceived to be gay.

Positive role models and an understanding of how gay culture has influenced and contributed to mainstream culture will help eliminate the discrimination suffered by GLBT youth in school. As Education Minister, I feel that you have a golden opportunity to help eliminate violence and discrimination in school – and in society by releasing the Education Guide, “Making Space, Giving Voice.”

Please help be part of the solution that brings compassion, knowledge and understanding into a culture that has suffered immeasurably by the ignorance of centuries of religious oppression and ignorance.

Please do so immediately and give it your full support. Thank you for your time.

Corea Ladner, Human Service Worker, BA