Local Lesbian Duo Writes Pride Song for Vancouver and 7 other Cities

[Editor Note: I received this email from Marlee and Tully of Sugarbeach, who have some great news to announce. Congratulations! – Editor]

Hey Sophia!
Hope you gals are doing well!

We thought we’d send you this as it might interesting to you.
We have just written and recorded this years’ theme song for Vancouver Pride 2008, “Living Out Proud”. Vancouver will be using it for the kick off of events and media liaisons as well as in the parade. So far 7 other major cities around the world have also decided to use it…some have put it on their website already. The cities include, Seattle, Ottawa, Charlotte, North Carolina (where we will be performing at their pride in July), Toronto (it looks like Proud FM may be playing it as well) , Kentucky and Cornwall, UK. We are totally jazzed by the great response we have gotten.

We have given it to them for free to use however they need it and it is also downloadable for free on our myspace page.

“Living Out Proud” is a celebration of Pride as well as an encouragement for LGBT people to come out in every aspect of their lives and we’re hoping it also reaches the ears and the hearts of those in prominent positions whose coming out, we feel, could make such a positive impact on the lives and rights of LGBT people everywhere.

So there you go!
Chat soon…thanks,

Marlee and Tully