September Editorial

Well, here we are at the 19th edition of Lesbian Quarterly. Fall, well yes, it does feel like fall, now. We’ve got elections coming up here in Canada, and I can’t be the only one waiting to see if the US claws itself out of the grip of homophobes and war mongers and starts looking after her own people. Wait a minute, I guess I could say the same for Canada too. May both countries best selves prevail.

Lesbian Ellen Woodsworth is seeking COPE nomination to run for the post of Vancouver City Counsellor. Vancouverites will remember that Ellen served Vancouver as city councilor recently, and LQ interviewed her for LQ 7 near the end of that term of office.

Do you run a lesbian-owned business you’d like to profile?

Beginning in September Lesbian Quarterly now hosts a map of lesbian owned businesses in BC. If you’d like your business to participate, send to
a short description of the business, name of the owners (at least one of whom who must self-identify as lesbian) public contact info for the business (phone, email, web) and a street address in British Columbia. The address can be a nearby street-corner (eg: Hastings @ Commercial) for home based businesses.View  Map

Fall’s Topics: