NSSB Update – Fall Classes

The following is an update from Pat Hogan, one of the organizers of Not So Strictly Ballroom, a same sex ballroom dance organization. – editor

Hi everyone, and welcome back (almost) to our Fall Session and weeks before the 2nd annual Vancouver Queer Dance Classic – http://www.vqdc.ca

Our Fall schedule is not yet solidified due to the summer break but it will be up very soon! Our new classes will begin on September 13 and 15. Beginners to Advanced. Stay tuned for an announcement.

In the meantime, NSSB is offering a one day (Saturday) or evening (Monday)practice special for dancers preparing for the VQDC. Others are also welcome. Come whether or not you have a dance partner. These sessions will be held on Saturday September 6 and Monday September 8.

Please note: the following are practice sessions (not lessons) with instructor on hand to observe, give advice, help with routines. This is for people at various levels of dance training, and particularly for those entering the competition. Whether or not you have a partner, come along. There’lll be people to dance with. And remember, if you’re looking for a partner for the VQDC, send in your request. check out vqdc’s website for information.

NSSB has received requests from time to time to hold practice sessions and we try to support members’ requests. In turn, we rely on a good turn out — the only way we can keep operating. Here’s the chance to get expert advice on how to improve your form, balance, clean up a cha cha step, learn how to walk out on the dance floor with your partner, and every thing else in between. If people want to focus on one or two dances, that’s what we’ll do.

Can our instructors work with people at various levels, different dances, same class??? Of course they can — that’s why they’re instructors, not students! This format is used by many dance organizations…and it works!

The following dances have all been taught within the last year at our two classes.

Saturday September 6 Canadian Legion Hall. 6th & Commercial (upstairs)
Instructor: Michel Guimond
10:30 am – 11:30 am
Standard Dances:
Quick Step, International Tango, Waltz (or Slow Fox Trot)

11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Rumba, Jive, Samba– maybe Salsa

COST: $8 per each hour session or $14 for 2 sessions.

Monday September 8
Let’s Dance Studio 927 Granville, 2nd Floor
Instructor: Murray Schellenberg
7 pm – 8 pm
International and American style Waltz, Slow Fox Trot,

8 – 9 pm
Samba, Argentine Tango
COST: $8 per each hour session or $14 for 2 sessions

Please respond to this email if you plan to attend either or both classes. Thank you!!
We will probably have another session like this before the VQDC on September 27 if everyone finds it useful.


Saturday registrar position available in exchange for dance lessons
Looking for someone to work at the door on Saturday mornings in exchange for dance lessons. Good people skills, can handle money, keep records. Respond to this email or call 6040-253-7189.


The 2nd Annual Vancouver Queer Dance Classic, a Same-Sex Dance Competition
Saturday September 27
Scottish Cultural Centre

Whether you’re a beginner, Bronze, Silver of Gold Level dancer, whether you want to dance One Dance or Mutli Graded Dances, SIGN UP NOW for NSSB’s 2nd Annual Competition at http:/www.vqdc.ca. Have fun, shine on the dance floor, do your very best. That’s all that matters.

Registration is available by credit card online with PayPal or by mailing in reg. form and cheque to NSSB at PO Box 21510, 1424 Commercial Dr, Vancouver V5L 5G2.
Let’s make this as great if not greater than last year. Spread the word. Bring along your friends as supporters.


Pat for NSSB