Month: July 2009

Vancouver Dyke March

Saturday August 1st Sixth annual 2009 Vancouver Dyke March and Festival The vision for the Vancouver Dyke March is to bring an all-inclusive, female / family, dog-friendly march and festival into the East side (Commercial Drive area). We hope people and dogs of all ages […]

Lesbians and Bicycles

Excerpts from : Subjects of the Visual Arts: Bicycles by Carla Williams / Taisau “Bicycles, introduced in Europe around 1863, were the first democratic means of transportation. In practical terms, bicycles eliminated the reliance on the horse and buggy. The “Golden Age” of bicycles came […]

Pride Parade Basics for Straight-Run Companies and Organizations

Rainbows for Beginners
Rainbows for Beginners

Pride season is in the air. Last year I wrote a post-pride advice guide for straight people hosting floats in the parade. It seems like time to bring it to the surface again, in the hopes that companies wishing to market to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people by having a float in the ‘gay pride parade’ will have a successful time of it.

Yay for cultural sensitivity.

Here’s the link to that article: Pride Parade Entry Basics for Straight People

Vancouver Pride Society has new easier volunteer system – looking for volunteers

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that we are still looking some volunteers for this year’s Pride! We have lots of opportunities available, for both individuals and groups.  Our new system allows people to create a volunteer account, and immediately select […]

Rhizome Cafe July Events

Editors Note: Rhizome Cafe is a lesbian-owned business in Vancouver with a lot of great events of interest to lesbians. I’m posting their monthly events newsletter in it’s entirety below.  Enjoy! July 2009 at Rhizome Café * Arts Venue * Community Space 317 East Broadway […]