Vancouver Pride Society has new easier volunteer system – looking for volunteers

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that we are still looking some volunteers for this year’s Pride! We have lots of opportunities available, for both individuals and groups.  Our new system allows people to create a volunteer account, and immediately select their own events/times/tasks/shifts.  It’s super easy, and there is no waiting.  People will know the level of their commitment immediately.

We also have TONS of group opportunities if you are interested in getting involved as a group.We are currently looking for volunteers for the following events:

Davie Street Dance Party, July 31st
Terry Wallace Memorial Breakfast, August 1st
The Pride Parade, August 2nd
Sunset Beach Festival, August 2nd

Individuals can sign up on our website at, and interested groups can check in with me (Monika,

All volunteers get T-Shirts, Snacks, Drinks, and an invitation to our awesome Volunteer Party (August 8th, 2009).  Our volunteers also get front-row seats to the parade, to be behind the scenes at one of the biggest events in the city, and are eligible to win lots of prizes.

Thanks so much!


Monika Whitney
Director, Volunteers
Vancouver Pride Society

office: 604-687-0955  fax: 604-687-0965

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