Lesbian Poetry – Eons Ago

This poem was submitted by Cherilyn Fry. Copyright Cherilyn Fry, Nov 1 2009

Eons Ago

a past where womyn lived as the female head of tribal lineage
welding marked ability to act with strength, to uphold justice, and
were given to the healing arts of Gaia and those creatures dwelling
within her most loving arms
while vast prisms graced the skies
and crystals, like tiny shards of ice, danced so very gaily
off molten waves of other worlds unknown
eons ago
womyn met in what was known as a circle of life
with the centre being their perpetual and sacred universe- cone of
their north came the earth energy and
and to the west came the energy of water
and to the south came the fire energy
and to the east came the air energy
and throughout the meeting
they held hands and danced with unbridled joy of simply living and
at one with Mother Gaia and her children….at one with each sparking