NaNoWriMo Winner

Some of you may have read the post I made during November when I was in the middle of writing a 50,000 word novel.. I completed that task, with a day to spare, which qualified me as a National Novel Writing Month winner.

The novel, People of the Rock, has a rough first draft complete. It’s the story of a woman from Vancouver and her somewhat cantankerous ex-lover who do a bit of involuntary time travel to the future. It’s a mixture of quantum mechanics, mysteries of life, future ecotopias, hope and present day childbirth, with a bit of juicy sex and a love that spans half a millennium.

I’m working on revising it now, and filling in some bits that I didn’t have time to research during the November writing frenzy. I’ll keep you posted after that. If you’d like to read the first few chapters, there’s an excerpt posted on this site.

-Sophia Kelly, LQ Editor