In the olden days queer publications would run classified ads for the community. These could include lesbian, gay, queer and trans friendly housing or jobs, things for sale by and for queers, and even dating ads. It was nice, and helpful, and built community. Note: As the ads are meant to build community resources, we reserve the right to refuse free ads if we think it’s not appropriate or helpful for our audience. Also, keep it clean and legal.

Note: We are just giving this a try. If it turns out to be a terrible idea, we reserve the right to withdraw the free ads at our sole discretion.

For a limited unspecified time ads of that type will be FREE on lesbian quarterly in the following categories:

How to get your free ad – Fill out the form below.

Classified Ads

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  • Write whatever you want. If you want people to contact you, please put some kind of contact info in your ad (phone, email, instagram, facebook etc...). Links that aren't to contact information will be removed. If this is left blank, your excerpt will be used instead. Up to 2000 characters. Keep it relatively clean and completely legal or we won't post it.
  • This is the part of your ad that gets shown on main pages. People will be able to click to see the rest. Keep it clean and legal.
  • You don't have to fill this in, but we are curious and would like you to. We might feature your ad more depending on what you fill in.
  • Ads may be up for up to a year, or for a shorter time if you want.
  • This image might be cropped or reduced in size if it's huge. A good size would be from 300-1200 pixels wide.
  • This is a space for private messages to LQ regarding this advertisement.
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