Print Archives

This page contains the magazine format versions of LQ prior to December 2006. Pro-lesbian organizations are welcome to print and distribute unmodified copies of this publication, and to recover their printing costs with a nominal charge per copy. Please let me know that you’re doing this as well by email

There are two files for each edition. One is the e-subscriber colour version, and the other is a ledger (11×17) sized black and white file, which is meant to be printed double-sided on white ledger paper and folded to make a magazine. If you want to print it on letter sized paper, choose the e-version.

As well, you need Adobe acrobat reader to open and print these files.

  • LQ 1 March 2004   – This was the first version, created as an ad-circular for the GLBA women’s breakfast group for international women’s day
  • LQ 2 June 2004 – This is the first edition in the new format
  • LQ 3 Sept 2004 
  • LQ 4 E-Version December 2004  |  LQ 4 Print Version December 2004
  • LQ 5 E-Version March 2005 | LQ 5 March 2005 Print Version
  • LQ 6 E-Version June 2005
  • LQ 7 E-Version September 2005
  • LQ 8 E-Version December 2005 |  LQ 8 Print Version December 2005
  • LQ 9 E-Version March 2006
  • LQ 10 E-Version June 2006
  • LQ 11 E-Version September 2006
  • LQ 12 E-Version December 2006
  • If you’re interested in distributing printed copies of versions later than December 2006, please contact the editor