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Vancouver – Same-Sex Ballroom Classes

Tues Oct 6 – Oct 27 Rhodes Wellness College Helmcken, between Hornby and Howe Streets** Instructor:  Murray Schellenberg 7 – 8 pm  ARGENTINE TANGO, Intermediate level, continues for 4 more weeks of intricate, intriguing patterns.  This class is for current and past Argentine Tango students.  […]

Vancouver Dyke March

Saturday August 1st Sixth annual 2009 Vancouver Dyke March and Festival The vision for the Vancouver Dyke March is to bring an all-inclusive, female / family, dog-friendly march and festival into the East side (Commercial Drive area). We hope people and dogs of all ages […]

Vancouver Pride Society has new easier volunteer system – looking for volunteers

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that we are still looking some volunteers for this year’s Pride! We have lots of opportunities available, for both individuals and groups.  Our new system allows people to create a volunteer account, and immediately select their own events/times/tasks/shifts.  It’s super easy, and there is no waiting.  People will know the level of their commitment immediately.

We also have TONS of group opportunities if you are interested in getting involved as a group.We are currently looking for volunteers for the following events:

Davie Street Dance Party, July 31st
Terry Wallace Memorial Breakfast, August 1st
The Pride Parade, August 2nd
Sunset Beach Festival, August 2nd

Individuals can sign up on our website at www.vancouverpride.ca, and interested groups can check in with me (Monika, mwhitney@vancouverpride.ca)

All volunteers get T-Shirts, Snacks, Drinks, and an invitation to our awesome Volunteer Party (August 8th, 2009).  Our volunteers also get front-row seats to the parade, to be behind the scenes at one of the biggest events in the city, and are eligible to win lots of prizes.

Thanks so much!


Monika Whitney
Director, Volunteers
Vancouver Pride Society

office: 604-687-0955  fax: 604-687-0965
email: mwhitney@vancouverpride.ca

International Lesbian Day

A day just for us! I plan to celebrate it by going on vacation with my wife with a bunch of other lesbians. Hope yours is fun too. ~Editor Here’s a link to stories about ILD

Lesbian Cancer Survivor Group

Are you a lesbian cancer survivor? ⇒ The Cancer Support Network is hosting online and teleconference support groups for lesbian and bi-sexual cancer survivors. ⇒ The six-week pilot support groups are being held this fall and will be facilitated by an experienced lesbian peer support […]

National Day Against Homophobia Awareness Breakfast

National Day Against Homophobia Awareness Breakfast

International Day Against HomophobiaThe Centre would like to invite you to our 4th Annual Awareness Breakfast to observe National Day Against Homophobia, May 17th. This observance has grown tremendously since 2003 when first organized by the Fondation Émergence in Quebec. Last year saw hundreds of events organized in communities across Canada to raise awareness about homophobia. Please visit the official website www.homophobiaday.com for more information.

The Centre’s Awareness Breakfast brings together a mix of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit individuals with representatives from community groups and organizations, businesses and levels of government. In the first year, 140 people attended the breakfast. Last year the event sold out at 350 people.

The overarching theme for the Day this year is ‘healthcare’. The goal is to combat homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in all aspects of the healthcare system; to raise awareness about the specific health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit communities and individuals; and to support the development of educational tools and work toward their full integration into healthcare curricula.

The Centre is delighted to partner once again with Vancity to bring the Awareness Breakfast to our communities. We are also pleased this year to have Hospital Employee’s Union as a community supporter. In addition, community sponsors include BC Cancer Agency, BC Cancer Foundation, BC Centre for Disease Control, BC Nurses Union, Fondation Emergence, Gay & Lesbian Educators of BC, Gayway, Gay & Lesbian Business Association, Vancouver Coastal Health, and media sponsor The Georgia Straight.

The 2008 Awareness Breakfast is on Monday, May 12, 8:00 -10:00am at Coast Plaza Hotel, Ballroom, 1763 Comox Street (at Denman). We chose Monday this year so that folks can carry the spirit of the breakfast throughout their week, concluding with the Day itself on Saturday, May 17th. The event will feature a buffet-style breakfast, speakers, door prizes and opportunities to connect with each other.

Ticket Information

Tickets are $20 ($7.50 students/seniors/underemployed) and available at Little Sisters Bookstore, 1238 Davie Street, Vancouver. You may also request tickets by completing the attached ticket order form. Ticket forms must be received with payment by Friday, May 2nd. Tickets went fast last year so please purchase yours early to be part of this important event. Tickets will not be available at the door. Full-price ticket sales are crucial to help make this event self-supporting. Therefore, please note that there are limited tickets available at $7.50

Bring a Colleague Challenge!

This year we are encouraging folks to bring along a colleague to the breakfast who may not have attended previously. This helps ensure that our network of allies continues to grow each year! And of course, remember to share this invitation with your family, friends, and neighbours as well. NDAH Breakfast Ticket Order Form

We hope you are able to join us at the Awareness Breakfast as a public testament of your commitment to ending homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in healthcare and to building a society in which all Canadians are valued for their unique and rich identities and contributions. If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at The Centre at 604 684-6548 or email educationoutreach@lgtbcentrevancouver.com

Substance Use Help for Older LGBT Adults – Vancouver

This group is offered through Prism Alcohol & Drug Services, which offers free individual, couples and family counselling, as well as groups, specifically for LGBTQ people in Vancouver. The general phone number for Prism is 604-658-1214.

Online support group for LGTB people caring for a person with a mental illness

The British Columbia Schizophrenia Society is beginning a new project for the LGTB community. The project will provide private online support groups for LGTB persons who care about/for a loved one with a mental illness, such as psychosis, depression, mood disorders, anxiety disorders or schizophrenia. (click on the link above for more information)

New LGTB Prism Alcohol and Drug Services Launched

fall treeA first in Canada, Vancouver Coastal Health just launched in July of this year alcohol and drug services specifically geared to lesbians and gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirited and queer people.

“Issues specific to the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit and queer people affect their alcohol and drug use,” said Devon MacFarlane a  Community Developer, Prism Alcohol + Drug Services. “We’ve tailored our program offerings to meet their needs, after talking with this community.

According to lesbian staff member Stacey Boon, who facilitates the women’s (lesbian/bi/queer) group for Prism, specific resources for lesbians with addictions are important because there are barriers that prevent lesbians from getting the help we need. These barriers can include “fear of past discrimination and homophobia”, addictions staff who “believe that therapy can cure homosexuality or gender identity issues” and staff who are “antagonistic” to lesbian and queer clients,  says Boon.

Boon notes that “there is little known about women and addictions in general. A lot of the research on addictions has been done with men, and the results are just extrapolated (or assumed to apply) to women. Similarly, research on gay men and addictions has been extrapolated to lesbian women.” According to Boon, “generally speaking, research indicates that queer people may be heavier users of substances than the general population. In earlier research, lesbians have been identified as heavier users of alcohol. This is questionable though, because older studies have been beset with methodological problems. It is probably safe to say that in addition to the other risk factors (i.e. biological and genetic), the psychological effects of homophobia and heterosexism (both internaPRISM logol and external) might put queer clients at greater risk to use substances. ”

In addition to homophobia and heterosexim, sexism also takes it’s toll on lesbians. Boon notes that just being women in a society where we are second class citizens provides lesbians with issues. “Women who seek treatment present in treatment with more shame, because there is additional stigma for women who abuse substances. It is more unnacceptable for women to abuse substances.” She points out that “women more often come into treatment with histories of violence and abuse because women are more likely to have experienced abuse of various kinds.”

Prism Alcohol + Drug Services will be rolled out over several years. Immediately, services will include one-on-one, couple, and family alcohol and drug counselling, support groups and a men’s methamphetamine program. In addition to the lesbian/bi/queer women’s group, lesbian counsellors are available to provide individual, couple and family counselling to lesbian clients. Counselling services will be provided by lesbian/bi/gay/trans counsellors along with straight allies, but clients will be able to be matched to a counsellor of their orientation or gender identity.

Prism Alcohol + Drug Services are accessible through community health centres in neighbourhoods across the city, including the West End, Commercial Drive, Main Street, South Vancouver, Joyce-Collingwood, and the Downtown Eastside.

Lesbian Health Links:

Vancouver Dyke March

The Vancouver Dyke March and Festival – Saturday August 4, 2007 12 pm starting at McSpadden Park.