Editorial and Contact Info

Welcome to the new blog-style site of Lesbian Quarterly, the BC magazine that’s unfashionably lesbian focussed. LQ is a magazine about lesbians — our achievements, our knowledge, our events and interests.

100% Lesbian.

Editorial Guidelines: LQ is committed to building lesbian pride and visibility by showcasing the knowledge and achievements of BC women who describe themselves as lesbian, and to being 100% lesbian written. Intended audience is lesbian-identified women over 30. We love interviewing lesbians who wish to share professional or trade knowledge, who practice a visual or performing art, or who have their own business, so contact us using the email form below.  Lesbian writers (and artists) who would like to contribute to LQ are also welcome. To avoid disappointSophiaKellyTechnologyTailoringment it is recommended that you check out story ideas and angles with the editor first. The editor reserves the right to edit content, and to print or not print anything she wants. The text contains no paid endorsements, and no advertorials, but sincere praise is frequently indulged.

A word about the ‘L-Word’: Dykes are debonair, bi’s are beautiful, queer women are quirky and gay women are gorgeous. LQ is unfashionably lesbian–focused, but welcomes readers with other choices. LQ’s use of ‘lesbian’ includes women* (AFAB & AMAB) who label themselves lesbian.

The publishing editor, Sophia Kelly, may be contacted via email using the form below.

Editing, web design and site maintenance services to produce LQ are donated by Sophia Kelly Technology Tailoring.