Lesbian Couple Marry in Bountiful – Both brides are Winston Blackmore ex-wives

Well how’s that for bucking the patriarchy in it’s own backyard. Two women who were forced by their families to be ‘celestially married’ to Bountiful polygamist community leader Winston Blackmore, have chosen to legally marry one another.

The Vancouver Sun reported in June of last year that “One bride is Lorraine Johnson, an American, sent by her family to “marry” Blackmore, who was then the powerful bishop. She was his 18th wife. It’s not clear whether Johnson immigrated legally to Canada or simply came across the border and stayed. The other bride is Shelina Palmer, a Canadian born into a polygamous family in Bountiful and assigned to Blackmore. She is wife number 22.”

With Johnson under a deportation order at the time of the wedding, it is not clear whether the couple chose to marry out of convenience or love. Both will be required to renounce any other relationships in order to establish to immigration that they are an authentic same-sex couple.

Neither have been legally married before. The women have been living together for several years.

Well, ladies, welcome to the team. May you win control of your lives and bodies successfully.