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Lesbian Cancer Survivor Group

Are you a lesbian cancer survivor? ⇒ The Cancer Support Network is hosting online and teleconference support groups for lesbian and bi-sexual cancer survivors. ⇒ The six-week pilot support groups are being held this fall and will be facilitated by an experienced lesbian peer support Read more

Mabel League Important Dates – 2008 AGM

By going to your AGM you help keep a good organization healthy.  www.mabelleague.com The Mabel League is a lesbian fast pitch softball league in Vancouver, BC.

Herstory: the Gazebo Connection

The Gazebo Connection organizes social and cultural events of particular interest to lesbians over the age of 40 (in Vancouver). Visiting their site recently, they have a relatively new piece up on how the organization got formed.  For the remainder of the story, or a Read more

Monthly Dreamweaver Women’s Dances – Vancouver

We are happy to announce that we have just confirmed a location for a dance in Vancouver on March 15th!!   The new management at the Howard Johnson’s (formerly the Biltmore) has offered us a monthly Saturday night for a women’s over-30’s dance. The lounge has Read more

Human Rights Campaign (Holiday) Shopping Guide

People often ask me for advice on what brands of computers and other equipment to buy. During the holiday season, a lot of people buy gadgets and gifts. In general I usually recommend good solid brands I’ve had direct experience with like Hewlett Packard or Dell. Recently, Read more

Mabel League Finals Tournament

Finals for the Mabel League is happening the weekend of the 19-22 at Gordon Park (Friday games may be in other locations) For more information and location maps see: http://mabelleague.com/fields3

In Other Words – Lesbians in the News

The achievements of lesbians do get reported in the news. They aren’t always labeled as or celebrated as lesbians, which is a pity, since I believe it’s credible to assume that our successes, when made public, help break down public stereotypes about lesbians. I found two recent Read more