Pandemic Shift – Queers and Remote Work

Pandemic Shift – Queers and Remote Work

One of the positive changes to come out of the pandemic is the rise of remote work. As a lesbian who has been working remotely for 20 years, I find it fits how I want to live.

Working remotely is often a good fit for queer women. Remote work shifts the emphasis onto deliverables and productivity rather than having appearance or interests that match mainstream business culture, which can be good for queer women who are gender non-conforming or trans, or who don’t look mainstream. It’s also good for those of us who don’t want to experience the stress of coming out or not fitting in with primarily straight workmates.

As well, remote work allows queer women to live in cities and neighbourhoods where we are going to be most comfortable and have the most community, not just where the jobs in their field are available.

On top of those benefits are the ability to wear what you want, avoid commutes, and often the abilty to have a flexible schedule.

Looking for remote work? Now might be a very good time – more businesses are forced to give remote work a solid try during the pandemic. Most of the job search services will have filters allowing you to find remote jobs. Be prepared to reassure potential employers that you have a distraction free workspace, and have demonstrated the ability to deliver concrete results. The emphasis should be on what you can do.

Looking for a job where you can be out? Check out Simply Hired, which I was surprised to learn has a specific filter page for queer friendly jobs.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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