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Pride Parade Basics for Straight-Run Companies and Organizations

Rainbows for Beginners Pride season is in the air. Last year I wrote a post-pride advice guide for straight people hosting floats in the parade. It seems like time to bring it to the surface again, in the hopes that companies wishing to market to […]

Why Lesbians Should Vote for STV

On May 12th, British Columbian voters will be asked the following question when we vote: Which electoral system should British Columbia use to elect members to the Provincial Legislative Assembly? The existing electoral system (First-past-the-post) The single transferable vote system (BC-STV) proposed by the BC Citizen’s […]

Lesbian Book Review – Angel Food and Devil Dog: A Maggy Gale Mystery – Liz Bradbury

Review by Jeanette Nelson I was intrigued by our lesbian heroine, Maggy Gale, and her qualifications. At the age of 37 she has acquired and accomplished so much. She has an arts degree and then rose to the rank of leiutenant in the police department. […]

Mrs Gaugin’s Pool Parlour

Some friends and I were at the All India Sweets restaurant on New Years Eve, prior to going to the Dreamweaver women’s dance at the Coast Plaza on Denman for a little end of year dancing. At All India we were greeted by a doorman […]

Volunteer Wanted for LQ

You may have noticed that our Lesbian Agenda is a bit empty. This is not because I don’t get sent lots of notices of events. It’s because I have no time to post them. LQ is looking for an “Editorial Assistant in Charge of Events” […]

Hate the Bigotry, Love the Person.

I think I have some insight into the bigotted actions of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), now. I’m Facebook friends with more Mormons than any lesbian normally is, as my wife’s family are about half Mormon. I’ve attended […]

November Editorial – California Marriage & Olivia Cruises

The wife and I got back from an Olivia Cruise to Mexico a few weeks ago (more on that later). The ship sailed from San Diego, and Olivia organized a party the night before, which doubled as a wedding reception for the 50 couples that […]

Lesbian Cancer Survivor Group

Are you a lesbian cancer survivor? ⇒ The Cancer Support Network is hosting online and teleconference support groups for lesbian and bi-sexual cancer survivors. ⇒ The six-week pilot support groups are being held this fall and will be facilitated by an experienced lesbian peer support […]

Rhizome Cafe – Anniversary Celebration

You are Invited to Celebrate Rhizome Café’s Second Anniversary! Saturday, September 27, 7:00pm to midnight 317 East Broadway, 604-872-3166 $0-$100 sliding scale (this is a fundraiser to help keep Rhizome going) but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. This is a […]

BOLD beautiful lesbian

BOLD beautiful Lesbian holding my hand walking sprightly with me down the Drive    we unfettered by the stares we usually garner in the Kit’s Area, enjoy each other like minded women walk as well hand in hand women “from the club” laugh and live […]